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Another obstacle for embryonic stem cell use is their propensity to form tumors. Human placenta is a potential source of primitive fetal stem cells, yet it is poorly . May 18, 2012 . Placental stem cells with important therapeutic properties can be harvested in large quantities from the fetal side of human term placentas . Human stem cells from the placenta; a non-controversial, plentiful source of human stem cells for progressing medical research and developing new medical  . Mar 10, 2014 . The US Food and Drug Administration has granted approval to Pluristem Therapeutics to mass produce therapeutic human-placenta-derived . The International Placenta Stem Cell Society is an independent and non-profit organization which promotes advances in placenta-derived stem cell research .

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Placenta banking refers to the collection and storage of stem cells from the placenta, in addition to those found in cord blood, after the birth of a human baby. The human placenta and cord blood are rich in hematopoietic progenitor and hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs), which give rise to all the blood cell types . Placenta tissue banking is a revolutionary method to store the placental stem cells found in the placenta tissue, which contains mesenchymal stem cells.Jun 23, 2009 . Scientists have revealed a new avenue for harvesting stem cells -- from a woman's placenta, or more specifically the discarded placentas of . Stem cells are unique cells of the body in that they are unspecialized and have the ability to develop into several different types of cells . Unlike other cells, stem cells also have the ability to differentiate or develop into specialized cells for specific organs or. More »

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